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Was Jeff Gannon A Victim of
The Franklin Pedophile Ring?

I wrote an article about Jeff Gannon back in February 2005. It's the most popular page on this web site other than the home page. For the uninitiated, Jeff Gannon (whose supposed real name is James Guckert) was the White House press correspondent for a shame Republican news organization called Talon News until he was unmasked by bloggers. Even weirder, Jeff Gannon operated several web sites advertising male escorts. The speculation on the web is that Jeff himself used to be a male escort (that's an old pic of him in the boxers above). The situation raised an avalanche of questions: How did a fake journalist using an alias get WH press credentials? How did Gannon score private interviews with high ranking WH officials? Why was Gannon given access to classified material? How did Gannon get selected to ask the President of the United States a question in a nationally televised press conference? Why was Gannon attempting to hide behind a fake name? Jeff Gannon disappeared from the White House and later came out of the closet admitting to be gay. The foregoing is hard enough to digest but there is an even uglier element to this story buried deep in the shadows. It's so ugly I didn't even want to pull it into my conscious memory ... but the story needs to be told.

In 1989, the Washington Times broke a story about young male homosexual prostitutes taking midnight tours of the White House. The guy taking the boys on these tours was Republican lobbyist Craig Spence who supposedly committed suicide a few months after this story broke. See article at middle of page for more on Spence. Now this is where it gets even freakier. What were the young male prostitutes doing with Republican lobbyist Spence? According to reports on the web, the boys had sex with guests at Spence's politically connected parties. Where did Spence get the male prostitutes?
The scandal originated with the collapse of the minority-oriented Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, directed by Lawrence E. King, Jr., a nationally influential black Republican who sang the national anthem at both the 1984 and 1988 Republican conventions. ... King is now serving a 15-year federal prison sentence for defrauding the Omaha-based credit union. But the magazines Avvenimenti of Italy and Pronto of Spain, among others, have charged that King's crimes were more serious: that he ran a national child prostitution ring that serviced the political and business elite of both Republican and Democratic parties. ...

Lawrence King was no stranger to President Bush. And Lawrence King was no stranger to Craig Spence. Several of the Omaha child prostitutes testified that they had traveled to Washington, D.C. with King in private planes to attend political events which were followed by sex parties. King and Spence had much in common. Not only were they both Republican Party activists but they had gone into business together procuring prostitutes for Washington's elite. Link.
And more.
Pedophile victim Paul Bonacci--kidnapped and forced into sex slavery between the ages of 6 and 17--told U.S. District Court Judge Warren Urbom in sworn testimony [pp.105, 124-126] on February 5, 1999: "Where were the parties?...down in Washington, DC...and that was for sex...There was sex between adult men and other adult men but most of it had to do with young boys and young girls with the older folks...specifically for sex with minors...Also in Washington, DC, there were parties after a party...there were a lot of parties where there would be senators and congressmen who had nothing to do with the sexual stuff. But there were some senators and congressmen who stayed for the [pedophile sex] parties afterwards...on a lot of the trips he took us on he had us, I mean, I met some people that I don't feel comfortable telling their name because I don't want to --- ...Q: Are you scared?...Yes...". Link
Reports on the web indicate that many of the boys kidnapped and forced into the male homosexual prostitution by Lawrence Franklin, et alia were residents at Boys Town outside of Omaha, NE, a Catholic charity run by priests. Below is a documentary called "Conspiracy Of Silence" that was to air on The Discovery Channel in 1994 but was canceled under pressure from Washington. Only one poor quality copy of this show survives today. Thank God for Youtube.

That's a painful show to watch. Keeping this story alive has been a one-man mission of John DeCamp, a former aide and life-long friend to CIA Director William Colby. DeCamp was also a Republican State Senator in Nebraska. Near the end of "Conspiracy of Silence", William Colby states that he gave evidence collected by DeCamp to an official in the Department of Justice. Colby was mysteriously found floating dead in a Maryland lake in 1996. Also featured in this film was Troy Boner, another kid who had been kidnapped and forced into sex slavery. Bonner was found dead in a hospital room in 2003. No autopsy was ever performed on Troy. Gary Caradori, investigator for the Nebraska State Legislature gathering evidence against the Nebraska pedophile ring, was killed along with his son in a suspicious plane crash on his way back from collecting important evidence in Chicago.

How does all of this relate to Jeff Gannon?

On September 5, 1982, 12-year-old Johnny Gosch was kidnapped while delivering papers on his bike in West De Moines, Iowa. Paul Bonacci was 14 at the time and had been previously forced into the pedophile ring. Paul has stated that he aided the kidnappers in snatching Johnny Gosch. The Bonacci information comes from his attorney, John DeCamp. Link. The kidnapped boys were not only used for sex, they were brought into the organization in broader ways. Bonacci helping to kidnap Gosch is one example. Other reports have the boys flying around the country to pickup and deliver illegal drugs. The pedophile ring required vast quantities of drugs not only for its guests to use but also to keep the boys high. What happens to these boys when they grow up?

The theory is out there that Jeff Gannon a/k/a Jeff Guckert is in fact Johnny Gosch:
Then there's Ted Gunderson, a retired FBI agent who has worked on the Johnny Gosch case for over a decade. * * * Gunderson says he has a credible source that is certain Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch. "My source has told me in the past that he has maintained contact with Johnny Gosch," Gunderson reveals, "Let's just say he's in a position to know." "The kids are all in touch with each other. It's a bond they all share." Gunderson concludes with, "The only way I'd be 100 percent sure is if there was a DNA test or if he admitted it."

Noreen [Johnny's mother] confirms, "Ted sent me a videotape of his interview with his source and he {source} said Gannon is Gosch, and he said it without hesitation and without blinking an eye, and he said he's known it for months." Noreen "believes the man is credible." Gunderson makes it clear that Bonacci is not his informant, but is quick to add that Bonacci "informed him a while back that Gosch had changed his appearance."

In fact, there's even corroboration from John DeCamp, who weighs in with, "Bonacci told me the same thing {that Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch}." And this bombshell from Noreen: "...the birthmark on Johnny's chest is very similar to a mark seen on Gannon's chest in at least one photo. Gannon has a spot on his right cheek in the same place as Johnny." Link.
All three names have the same initials--JDG: Jeff D. Gannon, James D. Guckert, Johnny D. Gosch. Very strange. Is Jeff secretly giving us a clue to his identity? Here is one more tidbit. The editor of the Des Moines paper for whom Johnny Gosch worked on the day of his disappearance (the Des Moines Register) was named "James Gannon". Ultra strange. Watch this clip of Jeff Gannon being asked whether he is Gosch.

That story was an orchestrated piece of propaganda. The female interviewer is trying to ask questions and the male interviewer (Dietl) highjacks the show to shut her down and protect Jeff (referring to Jeff as "my friend"). Notice that Jeff looks nervous. I've never seen Jeff look nervous in the other interviews I've watched. To see Jeff look relaxed during an interview, here is one with Bill Maher and Bill is asking tough questions. Couple of points on the staged interview where Jeff denies being Johnny Gosch. I find it hard to believe he is 48. The photos of him in the boxers must be ancient. Will we ever see a birth certificate from this guy? High school or college records? None currently have been produced. The guy's past is a cloud of mystery. In the staged interview, Jeff says he'll take a DNA test to end the controversy once and for all. The DNA test has never happened.

Why should one care whether Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch? If Jeff Gannon was an abducted teen abused in a Republican pedophile ring throughout his teen years, then he holds a wealth of information. Very valuable information. Jeff's life very likely depends on his ability to keep his past hidden.

A kidnapping - pedophile - drug ring is bad. A pedophile ring involving swaths of government officials is very bad. However, a pedophile ring patroned by government officials who are secretly photographed having sex with children is highly dangerous. Photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson testified under oath that he photographed high raking government officials in the Reagan - Bush Administrations having sex with boys and girls. The government officials and/or members of congress then become blackmail victims which gives the pedophile ring immence power. But who was the real power behind the pedophile ring? Definitely was not Spence or King. One allegedly killed himself and the other went to prison for five years. The real power would have been a much more difficult quary. I imagine Jeff Gannon knows. Watch your back Jeff. I pray you live to tell your story one day.


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Two books are out there that chronicle the pedophile ring. Sorry but I have read neither and, thus, cannot given any further insight on them.


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