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Herodian Messiah

Case For Jesus As Grandson of Herod

by Joseph Raymond

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This work of non-fiction presents the author's painstakingly collected evidence supporting a shocking theory, that Jesus was the grandson of both Herod the Great and the last Hasmonean king (Antigonus). The analysis begins with one loose thread in the official biography of Jesus Christ, the claim by the Sanhedrin that it lacked authority to execute him. Why didn't the Sanhedrin execute Jesus after convicting him of blasphemy? The same legal body executed Stephen and James the brother of Jesus for the same crime. During Roman times, the Sanhedrin lacked authority to execute only one class of Jew--Roman citizens. All descendants of Herod were Roman citizens. The book presents Paul of Tarsus as another Herodian prince one generation behind Jesus and of lesser Hasmonean blood. Mary Magdalene is presented as a mixed Herodian-Hasmonean princess who converted to the Nazarene movement and became an initiate into the inner mysteries taught by Jesus.

Jesus had no acknowledged biologic father. Any claim to Jewish royalty, therefore, ran through Mary. The book's theory is that Mary was the daughter of Antigonus, the last Hasmonean king executed by Marc Antony in 37 BCE (after capture by Herod). The Hasmoneans were of the tribe of Levi and Kohanim priests, i.e., patrilineal descendants of Aaron, but not descendant of King David. The issue tackled in Chapter 2 of the book is how Jesus could claim to be the Messiah from the tribe of Levi. Chapter 3 centers on the genealogy of Jesus given the Gospel of Luke, which is inconsistent with the genealogy found in Matthew. The Catholic Church maintains that the genealogy for Jesus contained in Luke is actually that of Mary (his mother). The book accepts that assertion and contends that the Luke genealogy does in fact contain the names of Hasmonean kings. Further, according to Josephus, the only Hasmonean royals who survived Herod's capture of Jerusalem in 37 BCE became members of his family. This leads to the inference that any grandson of a Hasmonean king born around 3 BCE was a member of Herod's family.

This book is available for purchase through Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Createspace ($10.99 US). A $5.00 discount on the book is available through Createspace if you enter this discount code at checkout--UHM6XJQT. Herodian Messiah is now available in ebook form for Kindle @ $0.99 US.

Index of Chapters
Chapter 1	Summary Argument

Chapter 2	Jesus, Messiah of Levi

Chapter 3	Luke's Genealogy

Chapter 4	Mary the Mother of Jesus (Mariamne bat Antigonus)

Chapter 5	Mary Magdalene (Mariamne bat Aristobulus)

Chapter 6	Crucifixion of Jesus

Chapter 7	Paul of Tarsus	(Phasaelus ben Timius)

Chapter 8	The Jesus Movement, Origins and Theology

Chapter 9	Antipater ben Herod (Father of Jesus)

Chapter 10	Josephus, Jewish Traitor

Chapter 11	Paul, Speculative Theories

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