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Books by Joseph Raymond

Grandson of Herod
Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm

Novel of historical fiction that is the companion book to Herodian Messiah (2010). Grandson of Herod is built upon the premise that Jesus (Yeshua) was the grandson of both King Herod and King Antigonus, the last Hasmonean king. We meet the flesh and blood father of Jesus, Crown Prince Antipater ben Herod. He was Herod’s eldest son, who Herod executed five days before this own death. Antipater’s royal wife Mariamne was already pregnant with Jesus at the time his execution. By a true miracle Mariamne and the infant Jesus escaped to Egypt. Jesus returned to Jerusalem one last time in 36 BCE to reclaim the Hasmonean throne and expel the Romans but the revolution did not go off as planned. Follow this link for more info.

Herodian Messiah
Case For Jesus As Grandson of Herod

Non-fiction book presenting the author’s painstakingly collected evidence supporting a shocking theory, that Jesus was the grandson of both Herod the Great and the last Hasmonean king (Antigonus). The analysis begins with one loose thread in the official biography of Jesus Christ, the claim by the Sanhedrin that it lacked authority to execute him. Why didn’t the Sanhedrin execute Jesus after convicting him of blasphemy? The same legal body executed Stephen and James the brother of Jesus for the same crime. During Roman times, the Sanhedrin lacked authority to execute only one class of Jew–Roman citizens. All descendants of Herod were Roman citizens. The book presents Paul of Tarsus as another Herodian prince one generation behind Jesus and of lesser Hasmonean blood. Follow this link for more info.

Chicken Farmer
An American Fable

This was my first novel published in 2009. Chicken Farmer, An American Fable is a work of gritty popular fiction about an Iraq War veteran suffering from PTSD and a young female on the White House staff who lives la vida loca. Follow this link for more info.