“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)


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re: your domain name– random visitor 7-23-12

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re: Paul, Descendant of Herod–Very interesting indeed, but I have noticed a flaw if you will, Linda 2-21-10

re: Mary Mother of Jesus–Mary was from the tribes of Levi and Judah, Linda 2-21-10

re: Myth And Religious Parables–parallels to prodigal son, Ana 2-17-10

re: Johnny Gosch–Johnny was our paperboy., Danigirl 1-22-10

re: Mary Mother of Jesus–Your theory is wrong, Dan 12-23-09

re: Mary Mother of Jesus–Mary was of the Royal House of David, Philt 11-30-09


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re: Congo and the CIA, Anonymous 7-24-09.

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re: Spitzer–Dupre–Selective Enforcement. ShroomDuke. 3-6-09.

re: Pedofile Ring–Where is JG? Joni. 2-12-09.

re: Mary, Mother of Jesus–IF IN FACT JESUS –YAHUSHA WAS NOT THE SEED OF David through Joseph, Then he is not The Messiah. Paul. 2-8-09.

re: Pedophile Ring–I’ve been interested in this case for some time, Kurious 12-21-08

re: Paul, Descendant of Herod–‘I found it very interesting to find your comments regarding Apostle Paul’, Ilva 10-15-08

re: Pedophile Ring–‘Why hasn’t he submitted dna for a test?’, Kat 10-7-08

re: Remember when–Melissa 9-18-08

re: Josephus Ancestry–‘The Gospel of Luke and Acts are Paul’s Trial Documents.’, Jared 9-11-08

re: Tim Russert story–‘I agree. Professionally, he did not have the cynicism he should have.’, marew 6-19-08

re: Tim Russert story–‘I have to disagree – the man came from humble roots’, Adam J. Schmidt 6-16-08

re: Tim Russert story–‘I agree. The Washington press corp has become the sycophantic mouthpiece ‘, impeach Bush 6-15-08

re: Craigslist, the mega internet pimp–‘Why do you care?’, Nick 5-22-2008

re: Repeal of prohibitions on sex work and drugs–DC Madam case, Margo 5-3-08

re: I think it right on to NOT let this pass ‘as a hooker incident’–DC Madam case, MamaMia 5-3-08

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re: Rep. Ron Paul at Republican presidential debates–wow. Giuliani does not get it does he? AfroM, 5-20-07

re: ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach–I love Richard Bach’s prose but he is a blind atheist. Doug, 5-3-07

re: ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach–I hate Richard Bach. Satanitza, 3-23-07

re: Ralph Fiennes–He’s not an ass for having sex with a willing stewardess in a lavatory but, rather … Irene, 2-19-07

re: Mary as Hasmonean princess–What is the evidence that Jesus himself claimed to be descended from David? JJR, 2-11-07

re: The Cheney-Gates Cabal–Bill Casey, Bob Gates, George Tenet: an unbroken string of either weak or politically motivated DCIs who severed up garbage intelligence assessments … Joe, 11-11-06

re: Lebanon violence–I hope the creator of this site gets assinated, James, 9-5-06

re: Crocodile Monitor Lizard–Are there search parties out to find this …, Tie-Dye, 7-15-06

No underwear, Brawlin_Dem, 6-2-06

re: Confessions of An Economic Hitman–How the US uses World Banks loans to control developing countries, JJR, 4-28-06

re: Sarah Silverman–I’ve only caught bits and pieces of Sarah Silverman’s shtick on TV but, in my observation, she never treads far from her Jewishness. …, JJR, 12-02-05

re: Kiss, Kiss Lewis Libby–I’ve received a few anonymous messages regarding the “kiss, kiss, Lewis Libby” article prompting some additional thought I’ll share below, JJR, 11-29-05

re: Porter Goss and the CIA–I quoted your Porter Goss article, but I had already written an article to the local Akron paper when he was first apppointed. I said …, Gary Goodman, 11-20-05

re: Pentagon Used White Phosphorus At Fallujah–Oh my God, that is terribly sad. I remember reading …, AfroM, 11-20-05

re: What’s up with the Army’s Helicopters?–JJ, pretty good recap of the Army’s experience with its transport and attack helicopters lost due to enemy fire. Let me suggest …, Iraqadvisor, 7-16-05

re: ‘King Jesus’ by Robert Graves–But it may also mean that Jesus was not arrested by the Sanhedrin but by the Romans and that he was accused not of blasphemy but for insurrection …, Jan VP, 7-2-05

re: ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach–Look too close and you’ll miss it. If you are looking at this now, you’re forgetting the quintessential message. Life is and is not. …, Don, 6-30-05