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Religion, Spirituality, and Myth

List of Articles

Mary Mother of Jesus Articles
Mary the Mother of Jesus, Who Was She? (1-21-2007)
Mary the Mother of Jesus, Part II (1-21-2007)
Mary the Mother of Jesus as ‘Daughter of Aaron’ (6-15-2009)
Women at the Cross and the Tomb of Jesus (10-4-10)
Jesus the Nazarene Articles
Sequencing The Last Days of Jesus (8-20-2009)
Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera, Father of Jesus? (9-3-10)
Jesus Christ, Messiah of Levi? (10-10-2010)
Jesus as ‘the Egyptian’ of Josephus (1-3-2012)
Jesus convicted by Sanhedrin 40 days before crucifixion (5-2-2012)
Schizophrenic Jesus: Spiritual teacher of peace & love or Jewish revolutionary? (5-7-2012)
Jonah and the whale as Christian symbolism: Spiritual rebirth / passing from death to life (5-9-2012)
Jesus, the Samaritans, and ‘the Egyptian’ (6-25-2012)
Paul of Tarsus Articles
Paul, Descendant of Herod (5-21-2008)
Josephus on Paul of Tarsus (6-27-2012)
Gnostic Articles
Let the dead bury the dead (6-20-2012)
The Gospel of Thomas, A Gnostic Interpretation (6-24-2012)
Dead Sea Scrolls Articles
Dating the ‘Teacher of Righteousness’ (3-24-2012)
Condemnation of the ‘Princes of Judah’ in the DSS (4-11-2012)
Other Articles
Tomb of Antigonus? (3-31-2011)
Scientific Report on Bones Found in the Abba Tomb (12-27-2011)
Josephus’ Ancestry (4-27-2008)
Josephus on the two Mattathiases in Jewish Wars (5-3-2008)
Doris, first wife of Herod (8-3-2008)
The Children of Aristobulus IV, son of Herod and Mariamne I
References to David in the NT
The First Adam, Philo’s Concept of Two Adams (8-4-09)
Myth and Religious Parables (3-31-2007)
Mythic meaning ‘Slaying One’s Father’ (10-5-2011)
The Number 153 (11-18-2007)

Reference Links

Search the works of Flavius Josephus
Suetonius: The Lives of the Twelve Caesars
Cassius Dio: Roman History (Univ. of Chicago)
Cassius Dio: Roman History (Project Gutenberg)
Correspondence between Pliny the Younger and Trajan
Correspondence between Seneca and Paul of Tarsus
Titus Livius (Livy), The History of Rome, alt site

Herodian Messiah